The Five Core Shifts My Soul-Centered Female Clients Use to Stop Settling for Toxic Men, Attract Conscious Love, & Finally HaveTHE Epic Relationship They Long For!

(even if they feel they've tried EVERYTHING & are still single)

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During this Training, I Will Share:

The 5 Core Shifts soul-centered women need to attract a conscious man for an amazing relationship & a loving future, even if they’ve only attracted toxic men for years.

What they’re doing so they finally find that 'missing piece' in their romantic life without worrying whether to swipe left or right or pay thirty thousand dollars for a hit & miss Matchmaker.

The SECRET WEAPON they're using to ensure they ONLY attract incredible, conscious guys, who treat them how they deserve, while letting go of doubts, insecurities, and frustrating guessing games.

How to be irresistible to the right guy without turning into a man pleasing, self-sacrificing pretzel, trying to figure out how to MAKE a man love you, or needing to know what a man is secretly thinking, while feeling loved, cherished, chosen, and valued.

The real reason just trying action plan after action plan is the WORST way to attract a conscious man & what needs to be done first before taking any action to have that epic love that lasts.

And how to do all of this as while ending the cycle of settling, sacrificing, and accommodating toxic men to the point of sheer pain and exhaustion for good.





Susan Ortolano Is an Intuitive Life & Relationship Coach who specializes in working with soul-centered, spiritually minded & sensitive women to attract, find, & keep epic, conscious love.

Known for using metaphysical practices with other specialty techniques, Susan earned her master's degree in Spiritual Psychology, is a Certified Life & Relationship who has been teaching clients how to attract & keep their epic conscious dream relationship since 2006.

Susan celebrates being blissfully married to her own amazing, conscious husband, Rick since 2001.


You can learn how to attract the conscious love of your life, and create your own magical love story, but first, we have to help you make these core essential shifts!